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At Edina Realty, we know real estate is rooted in our communities, and an investment in our neighborhoods gives us all a better place to call home.

The Edina Realty Foundation offers financial support to non-profit organizations serving homeless individuals, children and families and/or homelessness prevention in communities across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Since its inception in 1996, the Edina Realty Foundation has raised more than $11 million.

Our funding is made possible by:

  • Agent and employee contributions
  • Year-round fundraising events
  • Contributions from Edina Realty Home Services
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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, donations to the Edina Realty Foundation are tax-deductible. Based in Edina, Minnesota, the Edina Realty Foundation will use your donation to further our mission to support and improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness in the communities we serve in Minnesota and western Wisconsin

We distributed 227 grants totaling more than $432,000

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Our mission

To support and improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness and assist in preventing homelessness in the communities we serve.

Annual report

To date, we’ve raised more than $11 million for non-profits working with the homeless or homelessness prevention.

Grant application

Fill out a grant application and send it to your local Edina Realty office’s Foundation representative.

Foundation brochure

Learn more about the Edina Realty Foundation and how we support and improve the lives of the homeless.

Watch how our agents and employees make a difference

Edina Realty Foundation Board of Directors

Kevin Sperle - Photo
Kevin Sperle
Jill Griffiths
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Brette Hermann
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Keenan Olson
Rick Peck
Rick Peck
Meg Chiodo Edina Realty Title
Meg Chiodo
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Scott Teece
Alex Westman

For more information, contact Alex Westman

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