Updater, your moving assistant

A digital dashboard with checklists and resources to make your move easier

If you’re planning a home move in Minnesota or Wisconsin, Edina Realty has partnered with Updater to offer free, convenient options to transfer services, connect utilities, update subscriptions, obtain estimates for movers and much more!

One convenient online solution

  • Connect utilities
  • Forward mail
  • Set up TV and internet
  • Secure insurance and other services
  • Request estimates, reserve movers or DIY moving supplies
  • Personalize your home needs, including security, cleaning services and smart home solutions
  • Take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts

Update your address

Whether forwarding your mail, updating your magazine or rewards subscriptions, or learning what’s required to update your driver’s license, you can do it all in one place thanks to Updater and Edina Realty.

Save money

Take advantage of a number of money-saving offers for furniture, groceries, décor, appliances and other local businesses.

Save time and your sanity

The Updater digital dashboard saves movers an average of five hours and eliminates an average of 21 phone calls and emails throughout their moves.

Partner with us

You can also easily:

  • Get the protection and convenience of a home warranty with HSA Home Warranty
  • Secure your home belongings with comprehensive coverage through Edina Realty Insurance

Working with an Edina Realty agent gains you access to this incredible free solution. To take advantage of this moving assistant, contact your agent or reach out to be connected with one today.


MyAtlas™ at Edina Realty

MyAtlas at Edina Realty is a digital tracker for your homeowner experience. As the starting point for all you Edin Realty services, you can easily monitor your progress along key milestones to buying or selling your home  including moving assistance with Updater – all while staying in close contact with your trusted team of advisors. To access MyAtlas, simply log in to your Edinarealty.com account, and click on the MyAtlas Milestones in the dropdown menu. To learn more, visit the MyAtlas FAQ page or reach out to your agent.  

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