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First and foremost, we want to respect the player and the vision of, not only our studio but the game as well. We strive to be innovative and interesting by staying current with trends and technology.
We aim to be clever and subtle with the messages we choose to communicate in our games.

We will always remain true to our mission, and ourselves as creators.
We aim to inspire, help, and challenge the perspectives of the player with intriguing concepts and expansive narrative worlds

Alan Gormley

Executive Producer

Raquel Gastón

3D Art Lead

Rocío Vega

Marketing & Capture Artist

Helio Rabadán

Game Director & Lead Designer

Sofía de Vega

3D Artist

Paloma Leiva

3D Artist

Brandon donnelly

Chairman & Executive Producer

Alyssa Purvis

Narrative Director

agustín boucher

3D Artist