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Release Date:

Official launch: 13 April, 2022



Rusty Land transports you to a surreal and nightmarish realm filled with puzzles, obstacles, and horrific beings. You don’t know why or how you got there… Do you even know who you are? One thing is for certain; Everything is out to get you.



Human perception is an enigma. The mind does not think in words; it thinks in concepts and the concepts are abstract.
…Only existing as representations…
We all live inside a dream shaped by our personal and subconsciousness beliefs, thoughts, feelings, fears.
When we sleep, we dream inside the dream. The illusion of control dissipates.

Where there is trauma, there is a nightmare.
The nightmare is not just a bad dream. It is our personal hell where we must face our trauma.


Sprint through winding tunnels, dangle from rusty pipes over a perilous void, and try to escape from the monsters that follow you into your nightmares. All this and more set in a VR environment designed to immerse you in the experience in a way that you wish it never had.  

Rust Land appeals to VR players of many types with its variety of mechanics and will keep players entertained with its fast-paced, action-packed, mind-bending, survival horror adventure.



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About Wrong Reality

First and foremost, we want to respect the player and the vision of, not only our studio but the game as well. We strive to be innovative and interesting by staying current with trends and technology. We aim to be clever and subtle with the messages we choose to communicate in our games. We will always remain true to our mission, and ourselves as creators. We aim to inspire, help, and challenge the perspectives of the player with intriguing concepts and expansive narrative worlds.

We create compelling narratives, detailed worlds, and immersive stories driven through virtual reality. We go where no studio has gone before and, in the process, create exciting gameplay and features.


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